Board of Directors

Daktronics Board of Directors currently consists of eight persons, divided into three classes serving staggered three-year terms. Current committees include Audit, Compensation, and Nominating and Corporate Governance.

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Reece A. Kurtenbach was appointed as President and Chief Executive Officer and a Director in 2013, and currently serves as Chairman of the Board.  Prior to that he had been named Executive Vice President in 2012, Vice President for Live Events and International in 2007, Vice President for Video Systems in 2004, and manager for video products engineering in 1994. Mr. Kurtenbach joined the Company in 1991 as an applications engineer focusing on large display projects.  Mr. Kurtenbach holds a B.S. degree from South Dakota State University in electrical engineering, with minors in mathematics and computer science.  Mr. Kurtenbach is the son of Dr. Aelred Kurtenbach.  The Board believes that Mr. Kurtenbach is an appropriate representative of management on the Board given his position as a senior executive officer and his long tenure with the Company which dates back 27 years.  In addition, Mr. Kurtenbach brings a wealth of industry experience to the Board.


Byron J. Anderson is currently retired.  He has been a Director of the Company since 2005 and has served on the Compensation Committee and Nominating and Governance Committee since November 2005.  Before his retirement, from 1999 to 2004 he served at Agilent Technologies, Inc. as Senior Vice President serving customers and managing business groups located in the United States, Europe, Japan and Asia, which included worldwide sales and service activities.  Before working with Agilent, he held various senior positions with Hewlett-Packard Company, ending his career there as a vice president responsible for a business unit serving the worldwide communications industry.  He holds an M.B.A. from Harvard University and an electrical engineering degree from South Dakota State University.  Mr. Anderson brings to the Board significant experience in high-tech industry with a unique knowledge of supply chains, international development, foreign trade and corporate strategy obtained from his years in management of large multi-national, technology companies.


Robert G. Dutcher is currently retired.  He has been a Director of the Company since 2002 and chairman of the Compensation Committee since 2005.  Before his retirement, from April 2009 until March 2011, he served as Strategic Advisor Lead Member of MEDRAD, Inc.  From April 2008 through March 2009, he was President and Chief Executive Officer of the Cardiovascular Division of MEDRAD, Inc., an affiliate of Bayer AG.  From 2001 until April 2008, he was the Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Possis Medical, Inc., a publicly-held medical device company located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which was acquired by MEDRAD, Inc. in April 2008.  From 1993 until April 2008, he served as its President and Chief Executive Officer.  Before joining Possis Medical in 1985, he was with Medtronic, Inc. for 12 years, most recently as Director of Research and Development.  He previously worked in an engineering capacity for Control Data Corporation and Honeywell, Inc.  Mr. Dutcher holds a B.S. degree in electrical engineering from South Dakota State University and an M.S. degree in electrical engineering from the University of Minnesota.  Mr. Dutcher brings to the Board extensive knowledge in driving profitable growth in technology driven industries from his experience in leading R&D at Medtronic and as Chief Executive Officer of Possis Medical.


Nancy D. Frame is currently retired.  She has been a Director of the Company since 1999 and chairperson of the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee since 2004 and Lead Independent Director since 2005. She was Deputy Director of the U. S. Trade and Development Agency from 1986 to 1999, when she retired.  As a senior executive in this federal government agency, she was responsible for managing its day-to-day operations, budget, system of financial controls, and ethics program. From 1980 to 1986, she was Assistant General Counsel at the U.S. Agency for International Development, where she was in charge of all legal matters affecting personnel, labor relations and ethics.  Before that she held various legal positions in the areas of international trade and commercial law.  She has a law degree from Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. and a B.S. degree from South Dakota State University.  Ms. Frame brings to the Board a legal and managerial background which is particularly pertinent to corporate governance and risk oversight and to understanding the legal issues faced by the Company, especially as they relate to our international development.


John P. Friel served for 30 years in various capacities at MEDRAD, Inc., a global company that designs, develops, manufactures, sells, and supports medical devices.  He joined MEDRAD in the accounting area and earned a promotion to treasurer and vice president in corporate planning in 1986 and the business development area in 1987. He then served as executive vice president of sales and marketing from 1989-1995, senior vice president and general manager from 1995-1998, and as president and CEO from 1998-2010.  The company received the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award twice during his tenure – in 2004 and again in 2010.  Mr. Friel is currently the managing director at Preservation Technologies LP, the director of the medical device industry segment at Blue Water Growth LLC, and a business consultant and board member of various companies in his position at Five Radicals LLC. He holds a Master of Arts in law and diplomacy from Tufts University and Bachelor of Arts in political science and Bachelor of Science in accounting from Pennsylvania State University.

Kevin P. McDermott  was appointed to the Board of Directors in June 2015.  Mr. McDermott joins the board of directors with 33 years of experience with the accounting firm of KPMG LLP, including audit engagement partner, SEC reviewing partner, professional practice partner, and in the firm’s Office of General Counsel. In addition to fulfilling professional obligations related to audits of financial statements and internal control over financial reporting, he assisted clients with financial and operational issues, acquisition due diligence, personnel performance, and corporate governance. In his capacity as SEC reviewing partner, Mr. McDermott performed concurring partner reviews of audits of financial statements and internal control over financial reporting for publicly held audit clients. While in the Office of General Counsel, he provided assistance on a privileged basis to the firm and outside counsel in various SEC and Public Company Accounting Oversight Board investigations and third party litigation matters. Although Mr. McDermott retired from KPMG LLP, he provides litigation support consulting services on a part time basis. He is a licensed Certified Public Accountant in Tennessee and New York and holds a Bachelor of Science in economics from South Dakota State University.  Mr. McDermott was appointed to the Board of Directors of Genesco, Inc effective February 1, 2016.  Mr. McDermott brings significant expertise in the area of financial and internal control reporting by publicly traded companies.  This expertise aligns with our responsibility and commitment to provide oversight for our shareholders and others relating to the integrity of our financial statements and related filings.

James B. Morgan is currently retired.  He has been a Director since 1984.  He served as the Company's President and Chief Executive Officer from 2001 through his retirement in 2013.  Prior to that he served as President and Chief Operating Officer and Vice President for Engineering.  He originally joined the Company in 1969 as its first design engineer.  He holds a B.S degree and a M.S. degree in electrical engineering from South Dakota State University.   Mr. Morgan brings to the Board his experience and knowledge of our business and industry derived from his previous positions as President and Chief Executive Officer and his experience of over 40 years working for the Company.